Barbara Keeley, MP for Eccles South and Worsley has criticised the Royal Mail for restructuring the company during the Christmas period, which has left residents without post for four weeks.

The delay has meant that people have been queuing for hours in poor weather conditions, with some residents struggling to eat due to their bank cards not arriving in the post.

Image: Roger Harris, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Barbara Keeley believes that this delay is not down to staff sickness or covid, but rather, due to Royal Mail cuts and their staff being overworked.

She stated: “I understand that there has been a restructure at Royal Mail in order to cut costs and this has had serious consequences on staffing levels during the busiest time of the year with no forward-planning for how this would affect people.

“This means that there simply isn’t enough staff to ensure that post is sorted and delivered. The staff who are working there are overstretched and exhausted.”

Not only does the postage delay have effects on people financially, but also socially and medically. Many people are not receiving post regarding medical information for birthday and Christmas cards.

“I have heard from constituents who have not received letters containing very important information like hospital appointments, medical results, pension payment notifications, bank correspondence, and other post like birthday cards and magazine subscriptions.”

Barbara Keeley understands the distress this has caused people: “People who are ordering Christmas presents online have been asked to collect deliveries from the Sorting Office which is very difficult for people with mobility issues.

“The added stress of not receiving new bank cards or other bank letters could mean the difference between people being able to eat or having to go hungry because they cannot get money out of their account. “

The mood of the public regarding this matter is an extremely frustrated one. Following another day of queues, one member of the public exclaimed ‘We’re going to be here for days.’

As the MP Barbara Keeley can only do so much, but she is in regular contact with constituents and has set up a contact form on her website where people can contact her, and as soon as the issue arose, she wrote to David Gold, Director of Public Affairs and Policy at Royal Mail, and has recently contacted the CEO of Royal Mail.

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