The Van Gogh Alive exhibition arrived at Media City in October and is set to leave next month on 23rd January- but is it worth a final visit before it moves on to its next destination.

In just an hour the exhibition immersed us back into time, enriched in iconic culture and the most unforgettable experiences – detailing all aspects of Van Gogh’s life.

Photograph taken by Pavven Kaur

COVID-19 regulations were followed, as slots were allocated hourly to avoid overcrowding. Upon arrival, it was immediately captivating to learn about the life of Vincent Van Gogh and his art work, such as the self-taught artist producing more than 2,000 pieces of art over 10 years.

It was also exciting to have the opportunity to walk into the real-life bedroom of Van Gogh, one of his most famous pieces. It was great for capturing pictures for social media.


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However, the best part of the exhibition was the sensory gallery in which all our senses were awakened. Visitors are submerged into the journey of Van Gogh’s lifework, from period to period. Significant pieces such as; Café Terrace at Night, Starry Night and the Self Portrait 1889 are all featured.

“I would attend again and advise anyone around to as well.”

The feeling is indescribable, the walls were covered in Van Gogh’s work, which were mesmerising alone. The experience was completely elevated as the classical music transported us into a trance of tranquillity.

Copyright to Alice Zhang

Sohbia Shoaib, Psychologist and visitor of the exhibition explained; “It was very moving, very beautiful. It was quite surreal. I watched it twice, just to really get it all in.

“I’m a psychologist so Van Gogh’s mind has always interested me, the parts that discuss mental illness and schizophrenia and to be able to see how his mind worked was fascinating.”

The immersive sunflower room was also fascinating, it symbolised the sunflowers that Van Gogh painted in 1888 and 1889. During these years, Van Gogh painted five canvases of sunflowers in a vase. Although it was visually pleasing and a great space to take pictures for social media, if the room was larger it would have made the experience much more alluring.

The Sunflower room captured by Pavven Kaur

The art area where we were able to draw our own pieces from following a video tutorial was also a fun addition to the exhibition. However, the video could be slightly challenging for families with younger children, as some of the drawings were advanced.

Kelly Buckley, another visitor of the exhibition favoured the sensory gallery aspect of the exhibition explaining; “I was really pleasantly surprised…it definitely exceeded my expectations.

“I would attend again and advise anyone around to as well.”

The final stop at the exhibition was the gift shop, from T-shirts, replicas of the famous works of art and stationary. There’s something there for everyone.

To book tickets visit the Van Gogh Alive Experience website.

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