All 11 countries that are currently on the UK red travel list are set to be removed from December 15th.

The red list was reinstated in November as a precaution due to the new Omicron variant of Covid.

Local travel agent, Scott Hadden, said: “The removing of the red list can only be seen to be good news for the travel industry, both inbound and outbound.

“People have wanted to get out travelling again and perhaps also what we have seen is people want to go out and do that bigger trip because they haven’t done anything.”

However, what we do have to remember is that not all travel is about holidays.

In South Africa, particularly, there are a lot of people who have family in the UK and vice versa and as such it is more likely to remain a strong destination for many.

Scott said: “We can’t underestimate the impact it has had. We were the first industry to be impacted and the last to reopen.

“Travel just can’t turn on and off like this, it doesn’t work like that.”

Currently, all arrivals from the red list countries must self-isolate in a government-approved hotel for 10 days, which they must pay for themselves.

“[The impact] is definitely positive for business. I think that the less barriers we have the better.”

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