Barbara Keeley Worsely MP

Barbara Keeley MP voted in favour of Covid Certification for nightclubs and mass gatherings yesterday.

With the Omicron variant spreading quickly throughout the UK, the government is urging everyone who can to get their jabs and is prioritising the booster programme over other routine medical treatments.

Barbara Keeley said: “Salford’s vaccination team is working extremely hard to roll out the booster programme with stretched resources. I know that the vaccination team in Salford are committed to ensuring that everyone in Salford who is eligible for a booster vaccine is able to get one.”

In order to curb the spread, parliament held a vote on whether Covid Certification should be brought in for nightclubs and large venues which Worsley and Eccles South MP Barbara Keeley voted in favour for.

Keeley said: “I don’t see having to present evidence of a negative lateral flow test or having to wear a face mask in certain places as being unreasonable given the threat from the Omicron virus.

“Nor do I believe that these measures somehow represent a threat to our fundamental liberties, as people some have suggested. On the contrary, they are sensible and proportionate public health measures.”

In Salford, there has been hesitation in vaccine take-up. Keeley explains why vaccines are important to maintain public health.

She said: “Several scientific studies have shown that people who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 are less likely to infect others. While vaccination will not eliminate all transmission, it will reduce the risk of infection.”


community vaccination centre
From press release to Salford Now.

Similar to this time last year, panic has been rising across the nation as Omicron becomes more widespread on the run up to Christmas.

“All of us want to enjoy Christmas safely this year and we all want to protect our NHS which has been suffering from a staffing shortage and record waiting lists.
“Our best defence against all variants of the virus including Omicron – and we are now starting to see people with Omicron in hospital in the UK – remains vaccination which is why we must urgently step up the booster programme.”

According to the council, Covid rates are increasing in the area with a weekly rate of 412.3 cases per 100,000. With these new measures introduced, it is hoped rates will go down.

“The people of Salford will be better protected both from being infected with Covid and from severe illness as a result of these measures.

“Mask wearing and guidance on working from home have been widely evidenced as important steps to curb the spread of Covid, so hopefully we will see rates begin to reduce in Salford.”

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