Salford pubs

As the hospitality industry is impacted by Covid restrictions, Salford pubs are prepared for a quiet Christmas.

December is usually the busiest time of the year for pubs in the UK.

With new regulations set by the government to combat the spike in Omicron cases, more people will be staying at home or meeting loved ones outdoors.

While hospitality venues have not yet been forced to reimpose safety measures, the rise in cases has already started to have an effect on pubs as public caution is causing a loss in footfall.

A drop in trade could be devastating for pubs in Salford after already enduring a challenging two years.

The government have not made any new measures to provide financial help.

Danielle McIntosh, landlady of Bricklayers Arms said: “It is tough on everyone, but pubs have had it the worst.

“At the moment we’re just running the business as usual. The customers are happy, we’re happy and we’re all jabbed so everything is good here.”

Data from UKHospitality last week shows that there has already been a 13% drop in business.

Covid cases are expected to surge past the previous peak at the start of 2021, this could mean further restrictions.

Restrictions may include social distancing, mandatory mask wearing, checking of vaccination passports or a full closure of hospitality venues.

Bricklayers Arms, Ordsall Lane

Carl Grayson, landlord of Union Tavern said: “It’s already happened twice and I think it’s inevitable that it will happen again in the new year.

“The government seems scared about staying open over the festive period but if it happens then I’ve got to abide by the rules.

“It’s hard for me because I wasn’t open last Christmas and obviously a lot of things are changing. A lot of my regulars are elderly and a few have passed away so they’re nervous about it all.

“I can understand a lot of people want to be with their loved ones on Christmas but I think we’ve got to be careful.”

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