A church in Salford is using lightshows and live bands to update worship and religion and bring the parish into the 21st Century.

Saint Phillip’s church on Chapel Street is using a myriad of technological feats to bring a new life to church worship.

The services on the run up to Christmas showcase a detailed and sophisticated lightshow, accompanied by a contemporary choir.

Dan and Joel are church technicians who plan, prepare and organise the services to go out through a livestream every Sunday.

Dan said: “We live stream a performance every week as a service.”

The tech team are passionate about the services they deliver for the parish and the community of Salford.

Joel said: “we try to make the services and the gospel as accessible to a lot of people as possible.

“By livestreaming it we can reach a greater amount of people.”

This is the first time Dan and Joel are completely involved in the new and updated services with the choir.

Joel said: “We started planning in September in order to prepare for these events in a weekly sense.

“We have to plan song arrangements, build up backing tracks, building up positions of cameras and plotting mics.”

Saint Phillips Service. Image by Alice Peoples

Both Dan and Joel study performance technology at university and are glad to develop their skills in a practical environment.

Joel said: “With being a student you don’t necessarily have a lot of money, so instead we give up our time to help the church.”

Planning these events offer their own rewards as well as developing their skills.

Joel said: “After seeing it all go well after all the planning and preparation we did is quite satisfying.

“Above every other reason we are using our gifts to glorify God as well.”

Services can be attended by everyone on Sundays, and are available through their live stream on their website.

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