Residents of the Broughton area are growing increasingly concerned with the terrible state their back alleyways have been left in, which is causing difficultly in accessing their bins and preventing emergency services from using them.

Anna Thompson, a resident of Wellington street, has been a strong activist in speaking out about the piles of trash and build of junk that is making the place look untidy and causing serious issues for the residents

“What concerns me is the rats and cats. None of the residents in my area of the five houses never talk to each other. Jewish, Polish, Romanian and that is half of the problem as people do not care “about their backyards or gated areas. So they just dump it and it just sits there for years”

Despite Mrs. Thompson’s attempts at contacting the Salford Council there has been no progress in removing the mess.

“I emailed the Salford Council, they cleared it once last year now they say it is the properties owners responsibility. That was last week”

The Salford Council is yet to make a statement on this matter.

Some people have a strong belief that recycling your waste may help reduce the build up of rubbish, however Mrs. Thompson seems to have a different opinion

“Recycling takes more and more bins to be stored outside each house. People don’t recycle if their bins are not accessible”

Following on from this Mrs. Thompson seems to theorise that a shortage of staff and the system which they work by may also play a part in this overall issue

“I watched the bin men this morning, only two men, having to roll out big heavy bins and the system of bin collections is divided into color codes. So many bins can sit outside on the pavement “being filled and filled for three weeks”

Salford City Council has been approached for comment.

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