The Salford Homelessness charity, Emmaus is in need of more volunteers ahead of the upcoming year to help refurbish pods that local construction firm, Casey have donated. 

Jane Galbraith, a support worker at the charity has said: “There will be 8 pods for people to sleep in, one for kitchen and shower use and the other pod will be used as an office for council visits.”


Permission to use given by Jane Galbraith

In addition to this, Salford City Council currently rent four pods on Emmaus’s grounds, however the gifted pods now belong to the charity. 

The ‘People’s Pods’ service was launched for people who are currently sleeping rough. The idea was inspired by the community member’s experience of seeing so many homeless people come into Emmaus stores seeking emergency accommodation. 

Galbraith explained, “Its mission is to look after people that are less fortunate than ourselves by providing clean water and accommodation to live in and food to eat, work to do.

“Everything is provided, food, lighting, heat and water. We also train them if there’s a particular work route that they want to go down.”

Located on the grounds of Emmaus Salford’s Pendleton community home. The charity also welcomes people to bring their pets along into the pods.

Permission to use given by Jane Galbraith

However, these are not the only services they provide. The charity run a “social supermarket” called Lucie’s pantry. 

The support worker stated, “People can pay £2.50 and collect ten items of shopping. Where if you went to a supermarket that would be between £15 to £20 depending on what food we get donated.

“The majority of it comes from FareShare, and then we get donations of bread from Warburtons.

“We have other supermarkets that will donate when they have surplus, but wherever the stock runs low we do have to go out to the local cash and carry and just stock up.”

Emmaus encourages people to donate anything that they have a surplus of, in addition to accepting furniture donations to resell.

Galbraith also said: ”Sometimes you open cupboards and there’s a tin of beans that’s been there since forever even a tin of beans will go to a family, anything that’s surplus.

“The purpose of having furniture donated is to be able to resell it, for example sofas have to have the fire label on as it’s a legal requirement, anything we can resell to keep the charity on its feet.”

The charity will now be focusing on gathering volunteers, so they are able to help “as many people as possible” especially during Christmas. 

To volunteer or donate call the charity on 0161 737 8279 or email at People can also visit the charity shop to give donations as they are open Tuesday to Friday 10am-4pm and Saturdays 10am-3pm.

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