Swinton Girls Rugby began at the end of October 2021 to give girls in years 1-6 a chance to play rugby not in a mixed team and a chance to try a new sport which I not usually promoted for girls.

Women’s rugby is a quickly growing sport, but it is still not offered on many schools PE curriculum for young girls.

Clubs like Swinton Girls Rugby are trying to challenge the stereotype that rugby is ‘just for boys,’ and offer the opportunity for girls to try a new sport they may have never tried before.

“The chance for girls rugby in the Salford local authority area is non-existent once they stop playing in mixed teams at the age of 11.” A spokesman for the club explained.

After realising there was not much opportunity for girls’ rugby in Salford coaches and representatives of, Cadishead Rhinos, Langworthy Reds and Folly Lane worked together to begin these training sessions.

Rugby, like many sports, teaches girls to be strong, determined, teamwork skills and resilience all whilst allowing them to make new friends and have fun.

Since starting the sessions a spokesman for the club said, “On social media alone, the reach and engagement has been phenomenal. We hope to translate this into increased participation levels.”

Salford does have their own professional rugby team ‘Salford Red Devils Lionesses,’ and the Lionesses have helped host some training sessions for the Swinton Girls Rugby team.

“This has never been tried before in this borough as girls’ rugby league has been neglected if not ignored.” These training sessions have allowed girls to try the “greatest sport in the world.”

The training sessions take place at the training ground of the Cadishead Rhinos and will be back for more successful sessions in the New Year!



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