Complaints from residents across the Salford Quays have increased in the recent weeks, as parcels are getting stolen.

With Christmas almost a week away, there isn’t long left to get your presents and cards to reach family and friends. This is being made even harder this year as people’s orders are mysteriously disappearing.

Rea Lygo, who lives in the Manchester Water building on Pomona Strand said: “it’s ridiculous, especially right before Christmas, cause majority of the things that people are buying aren’t even for themselves, they’re gifts they ordered for people”

“Its hard, cause getting your parcels stolen ruins the whole experience of getting nice gifts for your family and money was tight this year, so its hard to replace them in time.”

According to Citizens Advice, more than 5 million people have had their parcel lost or stolen last year, which means on average, ten parcels were lost or stolen during each minute over the last 12 months months. 

After this statistic was released, only the Royal Mail faced fines for the reported poor services.

Rea also said that she: “doesn’t know who to blame for it, It could be the building management’s fault, or the delivery drivers leaving it unsecure, I’m not sure. I do know that there needs to be a better system for it though, as its not good enough. I should feel safe to order parcels here, as I pay for it!”.

Photo credits: Jessica Tee

Many residents believe its the lack of security in the buildings that is causing this, as management are allowing it to happen.

John-Paul Atley who also lives in Salford Quays said: “Parcels and letters are routinely stolen from our building mail room…they are made easy because of our doors and gates rarely work. Anyone can walk in.

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