Salford residents have their say on whether Salford should introduce a ban as well.

On 13th December, Transport for London (TfL) put into effect a ban on privately-owned e-scooters and e-unicycles on their transport networks.

On 16th December, Salford residents gave their opinions on if they believed their community should do the same.

The e-scooter ban came about following repeated incidents of e-scooters catching fire on TfL’s networks.

The fires are caused by faulty lithium-ion batteries that rupture, causing toxic smoke to billow from the scooter.

The scooters have been popular in Salford, 9 months after the E-scooter scheme was implemented, 80,000 trips had been taken by 30,000 riders, covering 100,000 miles.

One Salford resident said, “I don’t think they should be banned, I think they should be policed more.”

Another resident was concerned a ban on e-scooters on travel networks would make it difficult for those who travel with an e-scooter on public transport.

A few Salfordians believe e-scooters should be banned entirely because they are frequently left scattered on the streets.

An unfortunate member of the Salford public was involved in an accident on one of the e-scooters on Thursday. A car pulled out in front of her and she got a badly damaged knee that left her “in tears at the side of the road before [she] could get his details.”

The introduction of e-scooters has received a mix bag of responses from Salford’s public, but only time will tell if they stick around.

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  1. Weird article. It implies that there was some kind of way for residents to actually give feed back to the council? And why are rental escooters being mentioned when TfL banned privately owned, and illegal, escooters?

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