Sue Watson started her business this year after the pandemic changed her mindset on work.

Crazy Kids is a children’s party entertainment business which is designed to get children engaged socially with their peers as they were unable to do so during the lockdown restrictions last year.

Sue Watson first began the business by live-streaming free parties from her Facebook page which included dance parties, magic tricks, and interactive games to get all involved.

Credit: Sue Watson

“I started the business in lockdown to give people something to do at home. I started with free online discos as I felt sorry for family’s who didn’t have things to do during their time locked inside! I danced and played games on live stream to get the children involved and active. This is when I started thinking of the ideas behind Crazy Kids.

I wanted to reach every age, but I didn’t have lots of experience in younger ages as I previously worked for Thomas Cook as a children’s rep for older children. However, I’ve worked in nurseries for around 14 years, but you don’t get taught how to run parties.”

One of Sues main reasons of creating Crazy Kids was that she had her own child during lockdown so wanted to do something that was more flexible with her time.

Since having her own baby Sue has been able to understand more of the sensory needs of younger babies, which helps to design her party activities.

“Having a premature baby in lockdown has made me consider coming back to work full time differently. I am more concerned about being out and about.

I was put on early furlough and had to leave work early as I was considered high risk and they didn’t know the risk of COVID19 towards pregnancy. As she was premature my family and friends couldn’t visit us. At first, I was nervous about germs, and I made people sanitise their hands before seeing my daughter.”

Credit: Isabella Sweet

Previously Sue lived in Stockport, so she is still finding her way around Salford out of lockdown. She talks about what it’s like to run her business in Salford.

“As everyone has been locked away, I’ve found it harder to grow my business. As there are still some restrictions, many people aren’t having parties. I’m hoping to gain a lot more attention to my business as restrictions change and people feel more comfortable with socialising. I’m hoping to have more clients in Salford.”

Sue explains how she’s enjoying being back at work with her new mindset.

“I do really enjoy being back at work and having a bit more normality, because I feel like in lockdown people lost their way a bit and it was just the same stuff every day, so it’s nice to get back out there.”

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