Walkden towns centre’s problem with leaks and buckets has been made ever more noticeable since Storm Eunice.
Like most of the country over the weekend, Walkden town centre has felt the brunt of the recent storms, Dudley, Eunice and Franklin.
On Friday, because of the extreme weather, the Already noticeable leaks in the centre became worse, the shops and building itself had to close, in order to keep people safe. Whilst a noticeable number of buckets were placed around the centre to catch the rain fall from the ceiling.
Walkden town centre posted on Facebook that, “Due to the current storm and high winds, after consulting with the fire service, we have made the decision to close the centre for the rest of the day for safety reasons. We will update as soon as we are able via Walkden Town Centre website and media channels.”
“We thank you for your understanding and hope that you will remain safe and well.”
Small businesses in the centre announced their closure through Facebook saying: “we will keep you updated if this is going to effect any other shopping days.”
The centre had the safeguarding of its shops and the public at the forefront of its decision, as it became clear through posts on social media that parts of the building’s roof were unstable. luckily after checks with the building, staff and businesses were able to go back into work on Sunday.
However, it is clear that the storm has worsened the situation that the centre faces with leaks that they have been trying to tackle over the past months.
With better weather round the corner, hopefully the centre can focus on fixing these leaks and prevent any further ones to appear in the future.


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