Tribute bands across the country gather together for the annual Back2the80s festival.

This year’s festival is taking place on the 16th-17th July. There is a location change from New Hill Farm to Buile Hill Park due to popular demand. The new venue can now hold up to 3,000 people per day.

Here is a map which shows the previous and current locations of the festival.

The festival is focused around well-renowned musical acts from the eighties. This years lineup includes tributes to Bon Jovi, Boy George, Queen, David Bowie plus many more.

‘2 Rude’ – United Kingdom’s number one Ska tribute band, are playing live on the Sunday.

Phot credit Kate Peterson. Permission to use by Tom Price (drummer of 2 Rude).

Lead singer, Mark Harry said: “The people of Salford can expect to see a mixture of early 80s and late 70s music from the Ska scene.

“Songs from The Specials, Madness and Bad Manners, so there’s a real collection of different artists.”

The Welsh eight-piece band who formed in 2009 are playing at the festival for the third time and it is always an occasion that they look forward to playing.

“It’ll be interesting, there’s a lot of people who have asked us to come back to play these 80s festivals which is always nice to see.

“80s festivals have got to be the best as people are there to listen to that kind of music and not to people like Ed Sheeran, so it’ll be a fun day, it will be great.”

Watch below to see which famous Salford landmark Mark is looking forward to seeing.

To purchase tickets for the festival click here.

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