Shoppers will be dancing in the streets as the Salford High Street Tour launches this week, encouraging people to shop local and support their community.

Sounds from the Other City, a three-day festival, has joined forces with fellow Salfordian creative powerhouses, Walk the Plank and the BBC Philharmonic to bring a touring programme of music, colour and vitality.

The festival features a pop-up DJ trailer with a selection of DJs and MCs, live performances including multi-genre buskers and a brass trio as well as giveaways and competitions.

It kicked off yesterday (February 23), with the first leg taking place in Swinton.

Ruth Burns, creative director at Sounds from the Other City said: “The purpose of today is to re-shine a light on the high streets of Salford.”

“Everybody has been really hit hard in the pandemic, and it’s time to say welcome back, come back and enjoy your high streets.”

“Salford is the kitchen to Manchester’s restaurant.” She added: “A lot of the performers we have live in Salford but then often it gets showcased in Manchester, so it’s nice to show them here.”

Some members of the public have discussed what they’ve thought of the live performances so far.

One person said: “Yeah we came to have a look and I’m really enjoying it.” Another said: “It adds a bit of colour, a buzz to Swinton, a bit of life.” Followed by, “hopefully it’s really going to help the high street.”

Each day, the tour has been entertaining shoppers from Wednesday 23rd and will finish Saturday 26th February, making appearances at: Swinton, Cadishead, Irlams o’ th’ Height, Langworthy Road, Eccles, Monton and Little Hulton.

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