A former Salford University student, James Paul Watson, will be giving a talk about his life during and after service in the British Army.

The talk will take place in the Chapman Building at the University of Salford on 23rd March 2022.

Paul is currently a councillor for Atherton, he has had an Armed Forces career spanning 20 years.

Paul has been deployed all over the world, on six operational tours, to places such as Northern Ireland, Afghanistan, Iraq and Kosovo.

He then went on to study Contemporary Military and International History at Salford University, achieving first-class honours.

Paul discussed what his audience would learn during the talk:

“The talk will mostly be about my experiences during my six operational tours in the Army.

“I’ll also be talking about my own battles with my mental health after leaving the Army.

“The final part of the talk will be about modern politics and how I got elected.

Paul was injured whilst in Afghanistan in the winter of 2010, leading to his discharge from the British Army.

“I have a spinal fusion in my vertebrate as well as nerve damage in my legs, Studying at Salford University was a part of my resettlement as I was transitioning out of the Army.

“The Contemporary Military and International History degree made sense for me to study as I’ve always been passionate about the topic.

“I grew up in Salford, so the university was a good fit for me.”

“If it wasn’t for the tools that I gained whilst studying at Salford University I wouldn’t be confident or competent enough to be able to publish my book”.

Paul wrote a book, “Life After Death – A Guardsman’s Tale”, about his experiences with war and the mental issues that affect soldiers returning from combat.

You can purchase Paul’s book here:

Paul spoke further on how he uses his position as a councillor to further help Armed Forces veterans.

“I like to use my position as a councillor to raise the issues of veterans in the local community.

“Last year I released a report raising questions about the military’s policy of how it recruits, trains and releases its soldiers and how it links to mental health among Armed Forces veterans.”

Tickets to Paul’s talk can be booked by clicking here.



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