Salford saw temperatures hit a high of 18 degrees today (March 22) as odds were slashed for 2022 to be the hottest spring on record.

The average weather for March in the UK is usually 10 degrees, however mercury reached 18 degrees in Salford today. In a break from the norm, the weather in Salford overtook Ibiza today, with the popular party island only reaching temperatures of 12 degrees Celsius.

In a statement, the Met Office shared: “Many places will see longer periods of dry and bright weather developing”

However, the warm days aren’t set to last in Salford and the North West.

The Met Office said: “[The] sunshine, will decline slowly through the period, with a low chance of significantly colder weather spreading from the North for a time.”

The UK’s spring season officially started on the 20th of March, with the clocks going back this week, which will bring lighter evenings to Salford.

The hottest temperature ever recorded in March was 25.6C in 1968.

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