A ‘special’ seven-year-old from Swinton has been walking miles to and from school every day to raise money that will go towards educating teens about abuse.

Shenayah Broome, who is under the care of Salford Survivor Project founder Jane Gregory, has walked through rain and shine in continuation of the charity’s “Walk Away for Wings” campaign.

The schoolgirl, who just ‘wants to help people’, aims to raise £500 and has exceeded her target of walking a total of 100 miles. She said: “I feel good, but my legs don’t feel so good!”

Shenayah’s journeys have been documented via livestreams on the Salford Survivor Project’s Facebook page. Jane said: “[Shenayah] was up to about £70, and then I thought “I’ll put up a video of her”, because she’s such a character.” The number continued to increase steadily thereafter.

Shenayah was taken in by Jane, who is biologically her aunty, full-time after her dad died suddenly when she was just six weeks old.

Jane established the Salford Survivor Project in 2013 to provide help and support to anyone who has been affected by abuse.

The money raised by Shenayah will help to fund the Becca Project, which aims to tackle teen abuse, trauma and loneliness.

Six to eight workshops will be held at a number of primary and secondary schools across Salford, incorporating various exercises and discussions with those who have lived experiences.

Jane said: “I think it’s really important that we start early with kids; educating them about what’s acceptable, what’s healthy. It’s also about where they can go, who they can speak to and recognising teen abuse – calling the abuse out as well.

“Teen abuse is so much more prevalent now due to social media.” – This is due to the obsessive nature it can often promote amongst teens, being able to see who is liking who’s posts.

“Being a teenager is a funny age. You’re sensitive, you have issues around confidence, you might have issues with your body image and how you look.”

Jane explained why the funding is so essential for the project. “People need to be reimbursed for doing the workshops, plus there are materials that have got to be handed out”, she said. “Eight workshops with five high schools; you could be looking at teaching 150 to 300 kids in one year group.”

The workshops will provide education catered accordingly to the different age levels.

Shenayah originally planned to raise money by selling some of her old children’s books. After she and Jane concluded this wouldn’t generate enough, however, they decided to revive the “Walk Away for Wings” project.

“Walk Away for Wings” was initially started up last year during the lockdown. It encouraged women and girls to walk in order to improve mental health and raise money to support victims of abuse.

Jane said: “We were under no illusions that there were women, men and children that were locked inside that couldn’t walk, that didn’t have the freedom to do so for whatever reason- but specifically if they were being abused.

“It was a real success last year and did get addictive for a few of us.” Jane went on to climb the Three Ice Peaks in Scotland and Wales.

Jane often struggles to balance spending time with her children alongside overlooking the Salford Survivor charity. “Sometimes they have to entertain themselves because I have meetings or I’m on a call or on Zoom”, she said. “They’ve put up with so much because I’m so dedicated to helping other people.”

“What I love about walking with Shenayah is just having that time – it’s 35 minutes to 40 minutes of just having some time with her. Not with my phone, not with my emails, but with her.

“It just gives us that time together, because after that I’m running back from school and I’ve normally got a meeting or emails to answer.”

“[Shenayah] doesn’t like walking at all but she’s thrown herself into this”, Jane said. “She’s a character, and she’s a good kid.”

Shenayah’s fundraiser was due to finish by the 8th of March but is still open for donations. You can contribute here.

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