Chief Executive of Salford Council

Thousands of people took part in the Tour de Manc fundraising event in Middleton this bank holiday Monday and amongst the riders was Salford Council boss Tom Stannard who completed the route in aid of Salford residents. 

The event sees cyclists choosing from four different routes ranging in length across Greater Manchester. The Chief Executive of Salford Council, Tom Stannard, 45, completed the 100 Mile route option and helped to raise over £2,000 for the citizens of Salford.

In a video released on Mr Stannard’s Twitter from the finish line, he documents the struggles he faced during the route, having to deal with several punctures and adverse weather conditions, he said: “I’m here at the finish of Tour de Manc 2022.

“I’ve just ridden nearly 102 miles and despite three punctures on the way, it was absolutely awesome.

“So I’m really glad to have finished it.”

Mr Stannard continued: “It’s been a great day despite the weather not being as good as it was last year.”

The Tour de Manc is a charity organisation, relying on volunteers to help sell tickets to riders and other charities that may be interested in joining.

Danny Franks, the founder of the organisation thought the event, which was the first to take place since Covid, was a success.

Franks said: “We’ve been going since 2014 and obviously the pandemic messed things up.

“So this is the first May ride that we’ve done from Bowlee which has gone very smoothly this morning.

If you are interested in keeping up with events held by taking Tour de Manc, you can find information via their website.

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