A new 12-week project is starting this weekend for over 30s at Transcend Studios in Eccles.

The Confidence Project is being hosted by Comedy Stitch productions. It’s aim is to bring people together by building their self-esteem through script writing, comedy and drama.

Emm Kenny – used with permission from Emm Kenny

Emm Kenny, comedian and company director of Comedy Stitch, started planning this project for over 30s during lockdown. She noticed a gap in community projects for this age group. She said “It just seems to be an age where you’re supposed to have it all figured out, but in reality that’s not where everyone is at.
“Lots of people have lost jobs, some people just don’t feel comfortable enough to go into acting.”

In her experience the majority of local community projects target over 65s or under 16s. Therefore, when she noticed that people were becoming more anxious and staying inside due to working at home she began The Confidence Project to combat these issues.

This 12 week project will be completely free, as it is funded by the National Lottery. Ms Kenny was given this support after proving that Salford needed projects such as this. When she first posted about this workshop she was flooded with messsages from people looking forward to joining a something like this.

Used with permission from Comedy Stitch

During the sessions people can work on a comedy character, or a short sketch piece. Participants are also encouraged to work on a dramatic piece.

The group will meet every Saturday 4 – 6pm at Transcend Studios. During which members will work with Ms Kenny towards a final project which will be filmed by Oscar Nominated filmmaker Matt Jones.

Ms Kenny stated “No one has to get in front of the camera, it’s just about getting creative.
It’s a safe space to create.”

For more information about how you can get involved email info@comedysketch.com or visit their website comedystitch.com

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