Salford hosts an Armed Forces and Veterans breakfast club every Saturday, using humour to help tackle loneliness and mental health among those who have served or are currently serving in the armed forces.

The group welcomes members of all Armed Forces and Veterans to come down and enjoy friendly company every Saturday morning at The Magdalene Centre in Eccles from 10:00am onwards.

They focus on offering mutual support from one serviceman to another through sharing similar outlook and humour.

Gareth Collinson, chef says “It’s about chatting and going back to when we were kids and when we were teenagers, going and reliving and just getting stuff off your mind”

Unlike standard support groups Collinson states “This is probably the best form of just unloading because they all get what we’ve done or what we’ve seen and where we’ve been, its great”

He also recommends “anybody to just come down even if they just have a brew, have a chat and that’s everybody not just veterans.”

Credit: Caitlin Lord

The club also meet socially for Regimental/Association Dinners, nights out, BBQ’s, parties, family occasions, Summer Balls, Christmas parties etc.

Reece, Royal Naval Reserve says “you get to see all walks of life and hear all about their experiences and what they’ve been through.

for me I’m new to it all so it’s nice to hear what they have to say, they give you advice and all that sort of stuff its nice there’s camaraderie between all the forces.”

The group has also recently shown their support for the current crisis in Ukraine by collecting huge donations at their centre and inviting Ukrainian Refugees to join them for a free breakfast.

Posting on Facebook the group said:

If you would like to join the Salford Armed Forces and Veterans breakfast club, it is located at; The Magdalene Centre, Catherine Street, Winton, Eccles M30 8JD

Open on Saturdays from 10:00- 13:00

For more information please visit:


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