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Photo Credit: Old Empire Tattoo.

“The tattoo industry has really suffered” – Salford tattoo artist on how lockdown has impacted the industry

The owner of a Walkden tattoo studio says the sector has struggled during lockdown and believes businesses may close as […]

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Art for the environment: Worsley mixed-media artist on how she’s playing her part

Climate change has become a major issue for many artists, and reducing their carbon footprint is on the agenda. Worsley […]

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Invasion: Salford travel company going the distance for Student Minds

Team members at a Salford travel company, Invasion, are running the distance from Manchester to Amsterdam to try and raise […]

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Let’s go for a walk! Walking for mental health with Salford Ramblers

Richerman, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons Residents across Salford have been encouraged to walk independently in their bubbles […]