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Davardi's Pizza Bar 
Image credit - Tom Lindley

“I wouldn’t feel comfortable stopping it now” Davardi’s Pizza Bar offering free food to those struggling

Davardi’s Pizza Bar, in Walkden, is offering free food on Sunday evenings for those who are currently struggling to make […]

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Eccles restaurant overwhelmed by public’s “goodwill” after charity collection tin was stolen during November lockdown

A restaurant in Eccles has thanked the public for their “phenomenal” reaction after a charity collection tin was stolen from […]

Barton Swing Aqueduct is just one of the Salford landmarks with a rich history. (Image is in the public domain.)

“People have no idea what’s on their doorstep” – Salford tour guide on the importance of local history and how lockdown has affected business

A Salford tour guide has spoken about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on her business. Elizabeth Charnley, who runs […]

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The ‘Monton Mama’ on a mission to promote local activities and businesses

As parents across Salford try to cope with the lockdown and keeping their little ones occupied, ‘the Monton Mama’ is […]

Holly Ramsay. Credit: The Neighbourhood Threat. https://www.theneighbourhoodthreat.co.uk/about?pgid=kdcuazww-c9f47cba-c960-40a2-b9f3-155258af3bd8

“I couldn’t do any markets, where I made my money” – Salford designer on how lockdown affected her business

Many small businesses in Salford that rely on markets to sell merchandise have had to adapt to the ever-changing climate […]

New fully designated walking and cycle route to be built in Salford

New fully designated walking and cycle route to be built in Salford

Greater Manchester’s Bee Network plan to deliver the UK’s first joined up cycling and walking network is set to be […]

Post-it payment - pay for a coffee with a post-it

‘Pay with a post-it’ Monton coffee shop lets people who can’t afford pay with a post-it

A coffee shop in Monton lets customers “pay with a post-it” note.   The Coffee Collective, a veteran-owned, independent coffee shop […]

Emma Evans working on window art. Image Credit: Emma Evans.

“This is the one way I could contribute” Local Artist raises funds for Salford Royal with window art

A display of Salford window art has captured the hearts of passers by. Emma Evans has received praise from the community […]

Emma Evans working on the window of the Blind Pig.

“I just wanted to cheer up the high street” Salford artist creates stunning window art to thank NHS

Rainbows and hearts made from the words “thank you” and “we love you” now cover the shop windows of Monton. […]