PRIDE and Prejudice and Zombies hit UK cinemas last week. Quays News entertainment reporter Ellen Ward has been to see it…

Mr Darcy and Miss Bennet is a classic love story by Jane Austen, yet Seth Grahame-Smith believed this novel seemed to be lacking something. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies novel was published in 2009 and the film was later released in the UK on February 11, 2016. The mash-up seemed to have a little bite to it but ended up very predictive even with the new addition added to the storyline. The plot twist was blatantly obvious to anyone who was paying attention to the film; however it was surprisingly still enjoyable.

Elizabeth Bennet played by Lily James contributed to this enjoyment with her fierce fighting skills in the war between the zombies and the human race while remaining a head strong prejudice woman. Mr Darcy played by Sam Riley on the other hand, did not fit the character at all with his raspy voice and the little affection he had for anyone else including Miss Bennet. The character never evolved over time creating the announcement of Mr Darcy’s love to Miss Bennet out of the blue with no real expression. Riley does portray an excellent warrior but lacks in anything else.

Matt Smith played Mr Collins and he was probably the audience’s favourite character in the whole film. He was hilarious and brought a smile to my face every time I saw him on screen. He showed off the character well in addition to giving him a charming dopey personality, while staying undesirable to Miss Bennet.

The film does find a balance between the new and the old story impressively. Some of the quotes from the original were easily recognisable. As much as they did this well there were major downfalls in the film which are the zombies.

The zombies weren’t terrifying at all and just seemed to be there. There were some excellent action parts do not get me wrong, but the audience were left expecting more from a zombie film. Only one whole zombie eating a human scene was present in the film, and that was at the beginning.

Who doesn’t want more brain-eating monsters to kill people?

Even though this is a problem, this film is for everyone. You have the action and the love story all in one so it is great for a romantic movie with your loved one or a nice night out with your friends.

By Ellen Ward

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