AS part of their six day tour of the UK, Los Angeles band Transviolet visited Manchester last week. Quays News entertainment reporter Becky Leaver went along…

It was the bands second time in Manchester, this time playing at The Deaf Institute after previously performing at Manchester Academy as support band for Twenty One Pilots. Even after only releasing one EP, their dark-pop music has gained recognition from celebrities such as Harry Styles and Katy Perry and was described as the “moody, brooding little sister of Lana Del Rey” by Teen Vouge.

The night started with a half an hour performance from support band MIAMIGO. The Brighton born duo’s self-described “dark, twisted pop” music set the atmosphere in the venue while engaging the crowd in a range of music including some of their most popular songs ‘What I Want’ and ‘Hard to Love’.

They offered a very unique style combining a funky 80’s pop vibe with modern indie rock which proved popular amongst the crowd.

Transviolet began their set with one of their most well-known songs ‘Bloodstream‘ which immediately got the crowd going and into their set. The heavy bass and guitars give their music a much heavier and rockier live sound than how the songs appear on their EP.

Within their set the band threw in unreleased songs from their upcoming album and if those songs are anything to go by, it’s going to be a hit. Songs such as ‘Astronaut‘ create a dreamy and tranquil vibe while ‘New Bohemia’ is much more of a 21st century pop ballad.

The energy of lead singer, Sarah McTaggart on stage was inspiring on many levels as she engaged the crowd through wacky dance moves while keeping the main focus on her powerful yet soothing voice.

Transviolet, Manchester Deaf Instutute, 16th May 2016. Very Good.

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The passion and enthusiasm the band embrace in their performances is inspiring yet captivating to watch. Each member of the band brings a crucial element to each song, from varied guitar lines, deep bass riffs and the perfect balance between sampled and full-on rock drums, they create a create a mystical, eerie, yet grungy pop vibe.

Being an American band able to tour the UK after only having four released songs and one previous tour as a support band proves that Transviolet have the ability to gain fans solely from their live performances.

They are without a doubt a band you must see live to be able to fully appreciate the potential of their music. In August they will take the stage at this year’s Reading and Leeds festival and are definitely a band not to be missed.

By Becky Leaver

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