FOOTBALL Manager 2017 is to accomplish a ground-breaking feat as it plans to be the first game to include and simulate BREXIT in its gameplay.

Producer, Miles Jacobson has revealed that he plans to include BREXIT scenarios in the game and has stated that it will be ‘the first time a computer game has tried to predict the future of the country’.

The 12th game of the series is due to be released this November and gamers will find that they are no longer part of the EU when they first play the game.

Usually, the Football Manager producers try to avoid any political conflict in the game, but he’s stated BREXIT will have too much of an effect to the football world to ignore.

The developers have predicted many different outcomes, including Scotland re-ordering their vote to leave England in order to stay in the EU.

This will also mean that EU players will have to apply for a work permit in the game.

Football Manager has always tried to play on reality and made the outcomes of a person’s actions as real as possible.

With its inclusion in the game, it has never felt more imminent.

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