FOLLOWING the 50th anniversary of Salford University, plans are being developed to revamp its campus within the next ten years through collaboration with the city council.

The aim of the development is to work in partnership with the local authority to update the vision of the University. They are currently welcoming offers from urban master planners for a £250,000 contract to last six-months. Mr. Conrad Astley, senior press and PR officer of Salford University stated: “This is a long term plan and we are currently only at the stage of going out to tender.”

“The purpose of the Campus master-plan is to inform the redevelopment of the University Estate including our facilities at MediaCityUK to create ‘One Campus’ through the achievement of our ten-year vision: To create a smart, integrated urban campus with permeable boundaries at the heart of Salford that enables strong industry collaboration and delivers a gold-standard student experience”.

University of Salford
Aerial shot of University of Salford, undergoing a 50th anniversary revamp

The intention of the completed master-plan is to be used in the design of future buildings and public realms; support the future of digital learning particularly for students abroad; and to provide a framework for the University’s future development.

A University of Salford spokesman said: “As the University celebrates its 50th anniversary, we want to look forward and make sure we’re able to create a campus fit for the students who will be attracted to study with us in future decades. This will include planned investment in digital learning which will enable large numbers of students from around the world to study remotely.”

“We’re also working closely with Salford City Council to make sure our campus develops in a way that fits in with the developments set to take place around us, as the surrounding city of Salford grows over the next few years.

“Salford’s City Mayor and the University’s vice chancellor have a shared vision to improve urban life qualities for students and residents, to encourage local innovation and good design and enable social and cultural transformation.”

We have spoken to students from the University of Salford to get their thoughts and opinions about the development plans and how they hope it will enhance their experience at university. They express their positive views towards the idea of creating ‘one campus’ through developing a stronger connection between the main campus and MediaCityUK; as well as pass comment on the hope of development in digital learning for students abroad.

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