AN innovative 3D printed sculpture exhibition, which harmonically combines the artistic perspective with modern technology, has arrived at Gallery Oldham.

The MESH 3D collection features Keith Brown, Sumit Sarkar, Annie Cattrell, Bruce Gernand, James Hutchinson and Jon Isherwood, six of the most well-known, pioneering UK artists working with three-dimensional print.

Acclaimed sculpturing works, some dating back to the ’90s as well as newer ones produced with the method of 3D printing are included. Most of the exhibits are 3D printed but some of them are digitally carved.

Sumit Sarkar is also the leading curator of the display. Along with Keith Brown, they took advantage of their connections with the other artists and managed to bring together a sample of quite different practices in 3D sculpture.

She Wears It Well by John Isherwood
She Wears It Well by John Isherwood

First days of the MESH 3D Printed Sculpture exhibition were undoubtedly successful, as Rebecca Hill, the curator of art at Gallery Oldham confirmed.

She said: “We only opened the exhibition on Saturday and we were quite busy during that day.

“In general, we have steady visitor figures, but we hope we will have more and more people attending the exhibition.

“I don’t know if it will bring in more people but I suspect it will bring slightly different ones.”

Sumit Installing Shiva
Sumit Installing Shiva
Shiva Nataraja by Sumit Sarkar
Shiva Nataraja by Sumit Sarkar

People are showing a great deal of interest at admiring the different perspectives of the exhibits, as Mrs Hill commented.

She added: “Quite a lot of people have come to the gallery to see the piece and they were really interested. Also they are quite fair as some things just look really beautiful.

“They enjoy them at kind of an aesthetic level and then at another level people are interested in how they are made and how the process has occurred.

“This is causing people to discuss how the pieces are made and often just to look at their form their shape and appreciate the sculpture.”

This brand new, ground-breaking display is held at Gallery two and it will be available for people to see until June 3. Visit the Gallery Oldham website to get more information and read about ongoing and upcoming exhibitions.   

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