MANCHESTER’S pro-choice groups are planning to demonstrate in solidarity with the women of Ireland on International Women’s Day.

Strike 4 Repeal will demonstrate to abolish the 8th Amendment, which bans abortion in Ireland.

The demonstration will take place on Wednesday March 8, in Piccadilly Gardens from 4.30pm. The Strike 4 Repeal Facebook group advises campaigners to wear black.

Emma Runswick, an organiser of the demonstration, said “Abortions should be legal, safe and free for everyone who needs one anywhere in the world.

“Twelve Irish women travel for an abortion every day, but this is an option only available to those with money or support. More women take dangerous medication or access backstreet abortions.”

Strike 4 Repeal is inspired by the recent women’s strike in Poland, which proved successful in halting an abortion ban.

Emma continued, “This action is about extending the rights some of us have won, and preventing the backwards steps that are happening all over the world as right-wing, misogynistic ideas become popular again.

“Brexit may make it more difficult and expensive for women to travel to the UK for a time-critical procedure. However, Irish women are already being denied access by the biggest UK provider, Marie Stopes, due to high demand and NHS funding difficulties.”

Demonstrators are asked to send a #post4repeal postcard to the Irish prime minister, Enda Kenny, or donate to the Abortion Support Network, who help Irish women travel to the UK for a safe abortion.

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