With the integration of Chinatown in 1987, Chinese restaurants, bakeries and thousands of students, Manchester has earned itself a strong cultural relationship with the People’s Republic of China.

Chinese song UK is a Chinese singing competition for non- Chinese speakers, aiming at promoting cultural exchange between UK and China.

The journey through the contest will begin from Manchester Central where the auditions will be taking place, on the 28 and 29 April.

Ten people will make it through the final, on 20 May.

Amazing prizes await those who will make it through, as five out of ten people will win prizes from £500-£3000.

Shixuan Liu, organiser of the event, said: “Chinese Song UK offers people a platform to showcase their talent in music and language, to make friends that share the same interests.

“A training session is offered to the contestants who will go through to the final, so it is a great opportunity for participants to enrich themselves both in singing and learning about the Chinese culture.

“Meanwhile, contestants can take advantage of this chance to challenge themselves and explore a new experience in performing.”

Chinese Song UK poster

Music has no borders and, by following that perspective, the Chinese song contest intends to make cultural exchange more natural and language learning more interesting.

Since its launch in 2015, the event has attracted more than 100 contestants from England, of which many contestants started to learn Chinese since they participated in the competition.

They also learned more about the Chinese culture and got more chances to perform both in the UK and China.

Shixuan, added: “This year is the 3rd year of this competition.

“One of our contestants in the first year had more than 10 concerts in China afterwards, and we are looking for more people who are talented in music and language and give them more chances to perform both in China and the UK.”

“But I’d rather say the contest is for people to come closer to the Chinese people and culture.

“Almost every contestant learned more about Chinese culture and stories by learning Chinese songs and made friends with both Chinese and English.”

During the past two years, Confucius institutes encouraged Mandarin enthusiasts to participate in the competition and build up their confidence while Mandarin teachers have taken singing in Chinese as a creative method of teaching.

Initiated by the Consulate- General of the People’s Republic of China in Manchester and organised by the UK Chinese Young Entrepreneur Association, Confucius Institutes and CSSAs in the North of England, students and singers all over England are given the opportunity to make Chinese songs a bridge connecting the West and the East.

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