ON Regent Trading Estate, in the unlikely confines of an industrial warehouse, Sounds from the Other City’s wonkiest stage could be found – the Grey Lantern. Before psychedelic headliners Flamingods took to the stage, however, came an altogether more unorthodox act.

As they set up the stage clad in t-shirts and jeans, you could be forgiven for assuming that Snapped Ankles are just another alternative rock group. But this is a pretty erroneous assumption: after a brief costume change, the excitable quartet emerged dressed in something resembling a small forest.

IMG_3474The surprises didn’t stop there. As the set launched into action with a high-pitched hum, the stage was quickly littered with numerous home-made implements of electronica. From keyboards and synths to Theremins constructed of wooden sticks, it’s hardly surprising that the group were able to craft such a hugely unique sound.

Falling somewhere between speed-metal, synth-pop, samba and psychedelic rock, the set consisted mainly of whooshes and blips on a bed of thumping bass and screeching vocals. Admittedly, the shouted lyrics were somewhat difficult to make out, but the over-enthusiastic vocalist didn’t seem to care; he was far too busy crafting layers of hollow electronic percussion.

Though they proved a far cry from the more traditional rock bands found on other stages, Snapped Ankles certainly proved a hit with the crowd: as their high-octane set thrashed to a close, the warehouse was awash with clamorous applause and dancing feet.


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