AS local history month begins, let’s take a look at the contrast between Salford now and Salford a few decades ago.

Before Media City and Salford University, the city of Salford was a vastly different place than what many know and love today. Instead of sky-high glass buildings and fancy futuristic looking flats, there were well-built red brick terrace houses with play streets, along with a strong sense of community.

Whilst Salford is home to a wide mix of people from all four corners of the world, there are a few individuals who are proud to have not only been born and raised here, but also to have been residents of Salford for the entirety of their life. These are the people who know better than anyone else the true change that Salford has seen, and what it used to be like before it became what it is today.

Marian and John Goodwin, 89 years old and 88 years old, have lived in the same house on a typical Salford street for more than 50 years and Grace Reid, 82 years old, was born and bred in Salford; here is what they had to say when asked about ‘the old days’.

Salford is clearly a vastly different place from the community Mr and Mrs Goodwin, and Mrs Reid remember. However the fact that Salford is an ever-growing and ever-changing city is what makes it quite so interesting

To see pictures and find out more information about the long and interesting history of Salford, click here . Alternatively, you could visit the Local History Library , which homes everything from maps from as long ago as 1848 to newspapers from as far back as 1858.

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