QUAYS Culture unveiled their latest exhibit at Media City UK on Saturday night.

The showcase is titled Unnatural Borders and features four large sculptures which will be illuminated between 9 and 11pm from May 20-29.

Quays Culture‘s programme producer, Lucy Dusgate said: “The Idea is to think about environmental borders, but also the impact of maybe political borders, the way we’re thinking about things generally, particularly over the last couple of years, what we’ve seen globally.”

Essentially the humankind impact on what’s happening to the world, and we’ve taken four endangered species here to look at, so we have the polar bear, the red squirrel, we have the bumblebee and also the humpback whale, and the idea is to sort of look at that globally, but two of are indigenous to the UK as well.”

“We really wanted people to reflect I suppose, in terms of what we’re doing individually in our everyday lives, but also what’s happening in terms of the way things are moving and the way we can help to maybe improve things.”

The Unnatural Borders artwork was produced by Sober Industries, who are based in the Netherlands.

Founder and art director Tim Boin spoke about the thoughts he hoped to provoke: “It doesn’t have to be scupltres, but if we continue this way we will only have sculptures left to look at, instead of the real thing.”

He also gave his opinion on Media City as a location for the exhibit: “I think it suits itself very well here, a lovely place next to the water, especially for the whale and the polar bear, which are very related to the water.”

I think the combination between all the new stuff here and the sculptures which are pretty, what I call well formed, it’s sort of like triangular shapes and stuff, very common to see in nature, so I think it’s a good combination between architecture and the newness of this area.”

Quay’s Culture’s next main event will be the return of their Lightwaves festival in December.

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