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A charity in Manchester is putting together ‘period packs’ and distributing them to female rough sleepers.

Rosie Candlin, 24, founder of ‘Every Month’, distributes tampons, towels and chocolate bars to food banks and medical practices to address a problem she says she didn’t even know existed.

Rosie said: “I assumed people could get sanitary towel on the NHS, like contraception, and when I realised they couldn’t I was overwhelmed.”

People donate online and Rosie goes shopping for the items before packaging them up and dropping them at various locations around Manchester.

One of them is Urban Village medical practice in Ancoats who provide a specialist service for homeless people.

Rachel Brennan, who is the Homeless Service Team Leader, said: “It’s not a priority for a lot of homeless people and they will make do with something else rather than pay for that.

“It’s about dignity and feeling comfortable. We all appreciate how awful it is to be on your period anyway, let alone if you don’t have access to a shower, toilet facilities, sanitary products and the ability to change them regularly.”

The ‘Every Month’ campaign also hold events like film screenings and period packing parties which aim to crush the taboo surrounding menstruation.

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