Manchester Dogs Trust says it has completely run out of tinned dog food and desperately needs help to replenish stock for its hungry hounds.

The Rehoming Centre in Denton, Greater Manchester, which homes around 90-100 dogs at any one time has depleted its wet food supplies for man’s best friend.

Anne Baatz, education and community officer at the centre, said: “We are consistently full, as soon as one dog goes we will get another dog.

“All the time every kennel is full so we don’t have time to empty the kennels. We have 68 kennels in total and we try to wherever possible allow dogs to share a kennel for their own benefit.

“But sometimes it is not always possible so that’s why the number of dogs varies.”

Dogs Trust

With having so many hungry mouths to feed the centre goes through a large quantity of food a week and without donations the stock dries up rapidly.

Ms Baatz says: “We spend around £100 on wet dog food a week, not accounting donations, so we get through 150 dog food tins a week.”

As a charity, the Dogs Trust relies on public donations which provide funds for purchasing the food as well as funding other resources.

When the centre completely runs out of dog food the Dogs Trust are unable to maximize the donations they receive.

Ms Baatz says: “Everything that we spend comes out of public donations so if we completely run out of wet dog food we will buy some.

“But obviously that is money that could be utilized on providing other resources or potentially training other volunteers.

“As a charity our resources are very limited so we need to specify and maximize them as much as possible.”

The Dogs Trust took to social media platform Twitter with the urgent appeal for tinned food. Within several hours the centre received a great response from dog lovers alike.

One Twitter user was straight on the ball and put in an Amazon food order which would arrive at the store the same day.

Ms Baatz added: “We have an amazing response from our Amazon Wishlist. Lots and lots of people when they are buying things for themselves on Amazon they will include a toy for our dogs.

“We get a really good response when we make a call out for something that we are short of.”

Where it can, the Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre welcomes all types of donations from money and food to toys and blankets for the dogs.


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