Kurdish communities from Greater Manchester have gathered in force to protest in Manchester Piccadilly Gardens.

The protest condemns the Iraqi armies and Iranian-backed Hahsdi Al-shaabi forces’ crimes against humanities at Kurkuk city regions of Kurdistan.

The protest’s statement

An array of banners, flags and national scarves flooded the crowd with the main protesters stood atop the Queen Victoria monument.

The gathering also protested against the UN and USA allied forces in the region and the world that is turning a blind eye and choosing silence for the crimes against humanities, one protester said.

Furthermore, the Kurds also condemned the attack by Iranian-backed militants on Kurdistan regions, calling for all forces to pull out and stop the bloodshed.

Many went to support the protest

The protest had set up speakers and microphones to get their message across as they could be heard right around the gardens area.

Their message was quite simply that they request the UN and the USA to implement their own constitution and rule of law and democracy in the Iraq and Kurdistan region.

The protest is being held until 3pm this afternoon.


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