POPPIES arrived at MediaCityUK on Saturday, three weeks before Remembrance Day.

The display, made up of around 700 poppies, spells out the last lyrics from the In Flanders Fields poem, written by John McCrae in 1915: “we shall not sleep, though poppies grow in Flanders Fields”.

People who were passing by the area were astounded by the poppy display.

Kelvin, who recently moved back to Manchester from America, says: “I saw the poppies, and I think it’s a nice feature at the moment.

“We tend to get caught up in things and forget about the past; some of the horrible things that happened, but also some of the good that came out of it, and the values that I think we should still stand up for”.

Joe Swindells, who works within MediaCityUK, says: “The poppies are an important reminder of what has happened in the past”.

Poppy Day in Manchester will be held on Friday 3rd of November, where collectors will be in and around the city taking donations for the Poppy Appeal.

Collectors will include volunteers, armed forces personnel and local businesses and organisations.

To learn more about the poppy’s history, see the timeline below.

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