This week will be your last chance to catch the Orionid meteor shower this year.

Photo credit: Andrew Gray

The Orionid meteors that enter our atmosphere, come from the direction of the constellation Orion and are made from the leftover rocks and dust from Halley’s Comet.

Photo credit: Rick Scaife

Halley’s comet was last seen in 1986, as it only passes Earth every 75 years. The next chance to see it will be in 2061. But, you can still see the remains of the comet in the form of meteors (shooting stars).


The Salford Astronomical Society meet every Wednesday at the Salford Observatory on Chaseley Road and discuss all things space.

They gave us some top tips for spotting the meteors, you can listen to them here:

The peak of the meteor shower was Saturday 21 st October, but don’t worry you can still catch them till the end of this week.

The observatory is a public building and anyone is welcome to use it and the telescope collection.

The members of the society are all passionate about different aspects of space from rockets to stars. They have captured some wonderful sights using cameras and telescopes.

Photo credit: Tommy Wakey

All photos are courtesy of the Salford Astronomical Society.

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