HAZE AND FOG, a Cao Fei film screened at the University of Salford last week, explores the ways in which modern life is ‘zombie-fying’ the planet’s population.

The film, set in modern China, considers how developments in technology and the economy have dramatically changed people into numb, mindless zombies.

It demonstrates how characters struggle with the loss of traditions and an inability to keep up with the changes in society.

The screening took place at 6pm last Thursday in the New Adelphi building on the Salford University campus.

The issues displayed in the film are a growing concern to members of the public, as technology develops further, many may argue that society is becoming ‘dumber’.

This is a interview with students at the University to see if they agreed with Cao Fei’s interpretation of how technology is negatively impacting upon our lives.

The film was presented in connection with the “What’s in Store?” exhibit which was displayed at the Salford Museum and Art Gallery.

It celebrated the university’s 50th anniversary and shows the unique collection gathered in that time, displaying artwork from the 1960s.

The exhibit included a clip from another of Cao Fei’s films, La Town. 

"What's in Store?" exhibition which ran alongside Haze and Fog.
The “What’s in Store?” exhibition celebrating Salford University’s 50th anniversary.

The exhibition ended on Sunday November 19.

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