PEEL PARK Rangers are hosting ‘Winter Walks’ and tree planting at the park throughout the winter months.

A View of Peel Park and the River Irwell
A View of Peel Park and the River Irwell

Peel Park Rangers have organised a series of events to take place at the park over the course of the next few months from tree planting to ‘Winter Walks’.

In discussing the ‘Winter Walks’ Joe Palframan, Peel Park Ranger, said: “We have a foraging guy coming over to talk about the types of plants you can eat, the types you cannot eat, and some of the medicinal properties of those plants as well.

“And, if you do not know the area, it is a good way to get out and explore.”

The first event is the tree planting which will take place on November 25 (this Saturday) and will involve attendees planting trees sent by the Woodland Trust.

Mr Palframan went on to say: “We have got a number of tree planting sessions where we have been given some free tree packs from the Woodland Trust, who send such packs to community and school groups at around this time of year.”

Shortly after this, on Monday November 27, there will be a volunteering session where volunteers will be assisting the park ranger in vegetation management with equipment and hot drinks provided.

Closer to Christmas, on December 1, this season’s first ‘Winter Walk’ will take place. Walkers will be able to join the Park Ranger for a winter stroll through Peel Park, the Meadows, and along the River Irwell before treating themselves to hot drinks and biscuits back at the Park Keeper Base.

Talking some more about the ‘Winter Walks’ Mr Palframan stated: “It is a good opportunity for people to come down and find out about their local area and, of course, walking has been proven to be a great benefit to people.

“It is a good social activity and it is a good way to get active.”

There are usually between 5 and 40 attendees at these walks.

Into the New Year on February 22 the Manchester and Salford ramblers will be hosting ‘Walk Two of the Salford Trail.’ Walkers will go on a five kilometre walk through Peel Park, alongside the River Irwell, through the new flood catchment area, and then onto Kersal Dale.

The final event to take place this winter at Peel Park is on February 24 and will involve a gentle walk through Peel Park, the Meadows, and along the Irwell as a part of Transport for Greater Manchester’s ‘GM Winter Walk Week’.

There will be a warm up with hot drinks and biscuits available afterwards for the walkers.

Peel Park was opened in 1846 and is the oldest urban park in Britain. In June 2015 it received a £1.6 million renovation by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The renovations saw a recreation of how the paths and terraces were back in 1890 and there were also additions of a riverside walkway, an updated play area, new Victorian-style flowerbeds, and wildflower meadows.

Mr Palframan, in reference to his work as a ranger, concluded that: “It is nice to be able to help the community and also help people to find out more about the Salford area.”

To take part in any of these events please contact the Park Ranger on or call 0161 793 4219.

To take part in any other Manchester and Salford Ramblers event you can visit their website.

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