X FACTOR might have named its 2017 winner, but the 2016 champion is not forgotten because Matt Terry is here to stay and to take on the charts.

Matt Terry has launched his debut album, ‘Trouble’, with an exclusive performance and a special party at the ABode Brasserie in Manchester.

Ahead of his performance, the X Factor champion talked to us about his journey in and after the show, his debut album and what he is planning for Christmas as the holiday season has started.

With a lot of things going on in his life this past year and a lot more coming up from the 25 years-old artist, Matt described it as: “Really challenging. When I was a contestant especially it was really hard and now as well because you have to live with the pressure that you have to do good. I had an amazing year so far. I had a top five single with Enrique Iglesias and Sean Paul and now I’ve got two singles of my album that is about to be released. I’m super happy.”

Through the competition, Nicole Scherzinger has been his mentor and, of course, she had a piece of advice for him. To be a great performer, confidence is everything and this is what his mentor advise him: “She told me to be brave on stage and to let go a bit because at first, I was a bit reserved on stage.”

His journey at the X Factor might have ended, but it did not mean he will not come back, but as a performer this time to promote the single ‘The Thing About Love’ from his first record. He pulled up an outstanding performance that got a standing ovation from his mentor Nicole, and not only.

“It was so good to be back, to see everyone backstage, the judges, the contestants. I had a wicked time”, the British artist stated.

His debut album ‘Trouble’ has been launched in Manchester with a party and it was released on the 24th of November. When asked why did he choose this title for the record, Matt said:

“The whole album is sort of about my journey over the past two-three years being in a relationship. Trouble was the word that kind of summed it up because towards the end, I felt like I was stuck in a bit of a rut.”

To create an album, takes a lot of time and effort, but at the end it is all worth it. The whole process took Matt about eight months. The artist started writing songs for his debut record at the beginning of this year, ending up with 70 tracks.

“It was very hard. At first, we narrowed them down right to 24 but after 24 it was really hard to get rid of 11 songs”, the singer admitted when asked how hard it was for him and his team to choose which songs go on the album.

We do not know exactly what surprised his fans the most about the record, but Matt suggested: “I think the up tempos are the best part and I was known on the show for singing ballads so I’m excited for them to hear all the up-tempo stuff.”

The release of this album is only the beginning of Matt Terry’s career as it is obvious that the singer-songwriter means business. He has great plans for 2018, the artist revealing that he will go on his own tour next year and mentioned that he is really excited about it.

“Performing live I think is my favourite part of the whole process,” the singer confessed.

As the Christmas is around the corner, Matt told us his plans: “I’m hosting this year, so everybody is coming to my house. I’m going to get my family and my parents to cook and I’m just going to take pictures and pretend that I did it.”

After a series of interviews, Matt Terry finally walked proud and tall on the small stage, delivering an incredible performance of songs from his new album. Starting with the track ‘Trouble’, he continued with the Spanish song ‘Subeme la Radio’, ‘Sucker For You’ and finished with the ballad ‘The Thing About Love’.

Matt spared a few minutes of his time to take pictures with some of the people present at the exclusive event. However, the singer returned to Manchester last Wednesday for a meet and greet with his fans and for an album signing session.

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