MANCHESTER based charity, Cornerstone, is organising a fundraising to build a new classroom to help refugees enter university,

Cornerstone is a day centre that provides help to vulnerable and disadvantaged adults for various social issues they might be facing. It welcomes people from all backgrounds and applies a non-discrimination policy.

It has been supporting homeless people in Manchester for over 25 years and it has been running educational programs for asylum seekers and refugees for more than a year.

The program began with 17 students from Syria and Sudan and has now reached the number of 100 education seekers attending English, ICT and maths classes.

The teachers that have been chosen to lead the classes are qualified and certificates obtained can be used to enter university. Last September 10 students of the program joined university courses.

Due to the continuously increasing number of students joining the education courses, Cornerstone is seeking 15.000£ in order to get a new classroom and not turn away from people in need.

Andreas Mora, the co-ordinator of the fundraising is extremely pleased with the response.

“We’ve got donations that have gone directly to the site itself but also offline donations like people sending in checks. It’s been great to get that amount of response. It shows the solidarity and commitment within Manchester which is a very diverse community towards migrants and people from other nations.”


According to Ms Mora there were not any significant problems due to the lack of space so far, but that could change in the future if action is not taken as soon as possible.

“Fortunately, there was only one day about two weeks ago, one of our small classrooms, the one we are trying to reconstruct, we had about 20 individuals and it was only really catted for about 15 so we had to send a couple of people away.

“We had some volunteers who could do one-to-one with them fortunately on that occasion but at the thought of rates of interest, given the lack of English classes that are available to asylum seekers and refugees if we don’t build this classroom it would result in that.”, he adds.

The donation period began on 8 December of 2017 and finishes on 1 December of next year. To find out how to donate or get further information, visit the Cornerstone website.

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