WITH flu season well and truly in Salford, complaints of man flu will be widely spread.

The argument as to whether it is a real thing has been long-standing, though new research claims to provide the answer.

Dr Kyle Sue has said in his report that men’s immune systems are naturally weaker than women’s, and so they will feel much worse when the flu symptoms begin.

He said that the hormone, testosterone, could dampen the immune response to influenza – commonly known as the flu – whereas a woman’s hormones could boost their immune response.

The people of Salford shared their views on whether they believe man flu is a real condition or merely just a myth.

man flu
A handy man flu kit, for those who suffer with the condition.

One man says: “Man flu is not taken seriously enough. I’ve had it in the past, and I’ve been ridiculed for it.

“My flat mates think I’m putting it on, and they won’t make me food and things. They just don’t understand.”

A woman says: “I don’t think man flu is real. It’s just guys not being able to deal with having a cold.”


Another man says: “If people have got the flu, they’ve got the flu, but it’s not gender biased, I guess.”

Another woman questions: “Why would men have a separate kind of flu just for their gender? I don’t get it.”

To listen to these responses in full, play the audio clip below.

Dr Sue said that this means rather than exaggerating, men who suffer with man flu simply do not have immune systems strong enough to tackle the virus.

Man flu is defined as: “A cold or similar minor ailment as experienced by a man who is regarded as exaggerating the severity of the symptoms.”

Some medical professionals disagree with the new research, claiming that both women and men suffer badly with the flu, which should not be mistaken with the common cold.

Symptoms of the flu include a high fever, a sore throat, muscle pains and headaches, along with cold-like symptoms.

More responses of Salford people as to whether man flu is real or not can be viewed below.

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