MANCHESTER Fashion Industry launched a Christmas themed event last night in Manchester, to showcase menswear label Noose & Monkey’s festive collection.

Over one hundred people gathered at the Noose & Monkey stand in House of Fraser, Manchester for the Christmas showcase which included a catwalk, Q&A with designers, as well as a DJ.

Noose & Monkey are a popular brand within the mens fashion industry and are one of three brands under fashion label ‘Age of Now’. They are specifically known for their quirky and unique style. Cameron, PR manager for Age of Now said:

“Our stand in Manchester purposely has a relaxed vibe, it’s not stuffy as traditional tailoring can be. We offer a personal shopping experience where we will get to know the customer and what they like. We’ll try and suggest ideas other than the typical shirt and tie to make the outfit unique. I think thats why we’re doing so well in Manchester.”

Noose & Monkey focus on providing alternative pieces to help engage the younger generation and encourage them to get into tailoring, whether it be casual of formal.

“We noticed their was a lack of originality and identity within the tailoring market. We want to create a new environment for the younger generation who are getting into tailoring.

“Our suits are very adaptable, and thats why we appeal so much to the younger generation. They can be worn with trainers, or a simple t-shirt underneath instead of a formal shirt. Theres not a lot of casual tailoring on the high street and I think thats where Noose and Monkey step in.”

Since launching their menswear brand in 2013, they have become extremely popular within the celebrity world with stars such as Ronan Keating and Calum Best being spotted sporting their eccentric pieces.

“Ronan Keating was the first to wear our brand on television, it was a questionable lime green jacket on The Jonathan Ross show, and then it all kind of started from there.”

As well as building a celebrity backing Noose and Monkey are also the number 1 formal menswear selling brand on online retailer ASOS.

As shown in their clothing, the Noose & Monkey attitude is all about being individual and not caring about fitting in to a particular stereotype.

“We want people to wear Noose and Monkey and not care about what other people think, that’s why our brands strap line is ‘No f**ks given. We have that don’t care attitude and I think it works.”

Noose & Monkey is available to shop online or at House of Fraser, Manchester.

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