People are being advised that the NHS will be offering a limited service during the May bank holidays. GP practices will be closed on the 7th May and 28th May. 

Non-emergency health issues are advised to dial NHS at 111. This will put you in contact with healthcare professionals who can assess symptoms and provide the best medical advice.

The 999 Accidents and Emergencies (A&E) and ambulance services will only be available for critical and life-threatening situations.

A small number of pharmacies will also be open in Salford during the bank holidays.

NHS Salford advises that residents go to their local pharmacy for prescription medicine and advice on minor and common health issues.

Pharmacists can be consulted in a private, confidential room, without making a medical record note by patients’ request.

The GP Out of Hours Service will be available, but should only be used if the patient needs to see a GP urgently.

Salford CCG also reminds residents to call their local pharmacy to check opening and closing times before travelling.

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