A hidden gem on the corner of the iconic Langworthy Road, Langworthy Cornerstone is a community run centre that specialises in helping the people of Salford with all manner of issues, ranging from alcohol addiction to activities for the elderly.

Langworthy Cornerstone was originally built to serve as an NHS building thanks to a grant that was provided by the European Union. However, within the agreement was stipulated that the local community would run the centre. The centre has been at the forefront in assisting the local community, Chief officer John Phillips has been working at the centre now for 11 years which, is when the centre was finally being managed by the local community back in 2006.

Langworthy Cornerstone is at the forefront in local research and as such are able to see the gaps within the services that are on offer for community members within Salford. This has  enabled them to tailor programmes towards specific groups of people. With this information, the centre has managed to start up a few interesting projects that have been tailored with a “Northern, non-clinical” ethos to it.

An example is in the Man Web Mens Health Project which is being spearheaded by a worker called Kellie. This project aims to raise the health and life expectantcy of men within the local community. This however isn’t the only project that the centre is currently in the process of running.

Among other things, they have a GP’s surgery based on the lower floor of the building as well as basic IT training courses and ‘Brews Not Booze’ which is an alcoholics group that focuses on bringing other alcoholics together and helping them onto the path of recovery.

If you are interested in getting involved in any of the activities or want to see what other activities they have to offer. Take a look at their website for more information.

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