Lidl will make a ‘multi-million-pound’ investment in a new branch in Winton, promising new jobs when the store opens.

An application was submitted to Salford City Council with Lidl hoping to be granted permission to start building on the site early next year.

Their UK Head of Property Nick Harvey said: “We have received an incredible amount of support from the local community and are delighted to announce that we have submitted a planning application with Salford Council.

“If granted this would mark a multi-million-pound investment in the area and the creation of new jobs when the store opens. We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their support and feedback so far and look forward to receiving the decision in due course.”

Previously the site housed the now-closed Brown Cow pub. The land was designated as brownfields  after the pub’s closure and was to be used to meet Salford’s housing needs.

The site was bought from Kay Atlas, a subsidiary of Robinson’s Brewery. The brewery had previously planned to knock down the Brown Cow pub’ which closed in 2015. and build 44 homes. Planning permission was was granted late in 2017. 

Salford City Council, at the time, said they were: “trying hard to re-use Brownfield sites to meet our housing needs”.

The German supermarket chain is currently trying to open 50 new stores throughout the UK every year and a new Winton store could contribute to this goal.

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