Domestic violence cases that have been recorded by the police have risen by 10% in Salford over the last decade.

In 2012, the number of reported cases of domestic violence was 1477 which has since risen to 8102 as of 2017.

The amount of cases that have been solved has dropped over the last decade, from 59% to just 34%.


Organisations such as Salford Survivor Project are helping those affected by domestic violence to recover from their trauma and go on to have healthier relationships.

Jane Gregory, the director of Salford Survivor Project, founded the organisation after her daughter’s friend Leanne Mcnuff, 24, a mother of one, was murdered by her ex-boyfriend, Ian Lowe, 25.

Jane’s own daughter was in an abusive relationship at the time of the murder and the incident empowered her to “to make a change and leave the abuse behind”, Jane also said that Miss Mcnuff “saved my daughter’s life”.

Mrs Gregory found that there was no support for her daughter after leaving her abusive partner and set up the organisation, which is now a registered charity, as “a safety net for people that didn’t fit in to the categories that they had to fit in to, to receive the help that they needed from statutory agencies”.

Jane spoke to us about the statistics and feels that they can “be easily manipulated” and that domestic violence isn’t on the rise but rather reported cases of it are an awareness of the issue grows.


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