A large turnout is expected at Barton Airfield in Eccles this Sunday for a convoy aiming to raise awareness about bullying.

Daniel Taylor, 28, has organised the event after watching a young boy’s video online detailing his experiences with bullying.

Mr Taylor said: “I decided we had to act and get people together to show that there are people who care.

“I don’t know the lad. I’ve never met him. I saw the video he posted online. The more publicity we get out on it the better it is for everyone else.”

The 40 mile convoy will set off from Eccles at around 11:15 in the morning and end at the boy’s address in Preston later that afternoon.

The topic of bullying holds a place in Daniel’s heart as he was a victim of bullying in his youth: “I was bullied as a kid, so I know what it’s like to go through that sort of experience day in, day out.

”We live in a wrong society. Ten years ago things like this weren’t being posted all over social media. It’s a big thing and it needs to stop.”

The convoy will not just be restricted to motorcycles, with modified cars and vans expected to take part.

”There will be a wide variety [of vehicles], not just motorcyclists on this particular event.”

The event is not expected to raise any funds, however the Veteran’s Garage café will be open for drinks and food before the ride.

”The reason why I chose Barton Airfield as a start off I because there’s a brilliant place down there called the Veteran’s Garage. Anyone who buys a coffee from there or something to eat before the ride will be donating to the Veteran’s Garage.”

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