All You Need Is LSD, a play that explores one man’s comedic acid trip and the often-controversial drug debate, is coming to the Lowry Theatre on the 6th of November. 

Created by critically acclaimed playwright Leo Butler the play documents his experience as part of Professor David Nutt’s 2015 experiment in which he injected patients with the drug and observed the effects. This was the first medical trial since the 1960’s and the play looks into the impact of the drug in social and cultural environments. 

Sophie Mercell, who is part of the four-man cast said ‘’it starts a very open and honest conversation about drugs in a really silly way. You get to have a laugh but also do some really great work.’’ 

All You Need is LSD transports the audience back to the 60’s with references to The Beatles, Monty Python and Steve Jobs all who’s lives and careers have been influenced by acid in some way. 

“The play informed us (the cast) of the potentially beneficial uses of LSD that has been neglected. I think because it became really popular with hippies in the 60s, the whole psychedelic scene, people didn’t realise it could have an extraordinary use for palliative care.” Annie Fitzmaurice, another cast member told us.  

Jack Hunter, as well as being part of the cast is a budding stand-up comedian; “The comedy is totally up my street, the style of (the play) is just so good. It’s a great mix of surreal pharisaical comedy, while also having an important point to make.”



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